About CAF Confederation Cup

The CAF Confederation Cup is an annual football club competition organized by the Confederation of African Football (CAF). The competition was established in 2004 and is the second-tier club competition in African football, behind the CAF Champions League.

The Confederation Cup is open to teams from all 55 member associations of CAF, with a total of 56 teams participating in the tournament. The competition begins with a preliminary round, followed by a playoff round, group stage, quarterfinals, semifinals, and a final. The final is played over two legs, with the winner being crowned the CAF Confederation Cup champion.

The Confederation Cup has a reputation for featuring some of the top football clubs in Africa, with teams from countries such as Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, and South Africa often among the top contenders. Some of the most successful teams in the competition include TP Mazembe from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Etoile du Sahel from Tunisia, and CS Sfaxien from Tunisia.

The winner of the Confederation Cup earns the right to compete in the following year's CAF Champions League, while the runners-up and the third-place team in the group stage of the Confederation Cup qualify for the CAF Confederation Cup playoffs.

Overall, the CAF Confederation Cup is an important and highly competitive football club competition in Africa, providing an opportunity for teams from across the continent to compete against each other and potentially earn a spot in the top-tier CAF Champions League.


Group A
1Marumo Gallants  ✔ 640212:1012
2USM Alger632111:511
3St Eloi Lupopo61236:105
4Al Akhdar61238:125

Group B
1ASEC Mimosas  ✔ 64116:413
2Rivers United  ✔ 63129:710
3Diables Noirs61325:56
4Motema Pembe60332:63

Group C
1FAR Rabat  ✔ 632111:611
3Future FC62228:68

Group D
1Young Africans  ✔ 64119:413
2Monastir  ✔ 64118:413
3Real Bamako61236:105

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Clinched Spots for Teams
Marumo Gallants  is Qualified for CAF Confederation Cup (Play Offs )
ASEC Mimosas  is Qualified for CAF Confederation Cup (Play Offs )
Rivers United  is Qualified for CAF Confederation Cup (Play Offs )
FAR Rabat  is Qualified for CAF Confederation Cup (Play Offs )
Young Africans  is Qualified for CAF Confederation Cup (Play Offs )
Monastir  is Qualified for CAF Confederation Cup (Play Offs )
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