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MLB stands for Major League Baseball, which is the highest level of professional baseball in the United States and Canada. The league consists of 30 teams (29 in the US and 1 in Canada), divided into two leagues: the American League (AL) and the National League (NL).

The MLB season typically runs from late March or early April to late September or early October, with the postseason (including the World Series) taking place in October and November. The World Series is the championship series of MLB, and is played between the winners of the AL and NL.

MLB is highly regarded for its rich history and tradition, as well as for the high level of skill and athleticism displayed by its players. The league has produced many iconic players and moments over the years, and has played an important role in the cultural fabric of the United States and Canada.

The rules of MLB differ slightly from those of other baseball leagues around the world, with some notable differences including the use of the designated hitter (a player who only hits, and does not play defense) in the American League, and the absence of a tiebreaker rule in the regular season.

Overall, MLB is an exciting and highly regarded professional sports league that has captured the imagination of fans and players around the world. It is a key part of the cultural and sporting landscape of the United States and Canada, and is widely regarded as one of the most popular and beloved sports leagues in North America.


American League
1Tampa Bay Rays624319359:2340.694
2Texas Rangers593920380:2270.661
3Baltimore Orioles593722292:2620.627
4Houston Astros603624278:2130.600
5New York Yankees613625287:2450.590
6Toronto Blue Jays613328284:2600.541
7Minnesota Twins603129267:2220.517
8Los Angeles Angels613130292:2890.508
9Boston Red Sox603030306:2970.500
10Seattle Mariners592930258:2550.492
11Cleveland Guardians592732212:2430.458
12Detroit Tigers582632210:2790.448
13Chicago White Sox612635262:3090.426
14Kansas City Royals601842235:3130.300
15Oakland Athletics621250210:4230.194

National League
1Atlanta Braves593524297:2340.593
2Arizona Diamondbacks603525297:2780.583
3Los Angeles Dodgers603525331:2760.583
4Pittsburgh Pirates593227259:2480.542
5Miami Marlins613328242:2760.541
6Milwaukee Brewers603228241:2620.533
7New York Mets603030258:2700.500
8San Francisco Giants592930266:2650.492
9Philadelphia Phillies602832260:2910.467
10San Diego Padres602832247:2350.467
11Cincinnati Reds602733273:3060.450
12Chicago Cubs592633257:2560.441
13Colorado Rockies612635273:3300.426
14Washington Nationals592534253:2900.424
15St.Louis Cardinals612536285:2830.410

1. Los Angeles Dodgers: 6.53 (11.61 %)
2. Tampa Bay Rays: 6.53 (11.61 %)
3. Atlanta Braves: 6.63 (11.44 %)
4. Houston Astros: 6.86 (11.06 %)
5. New York Yankees: 10.62 (7.14 %)
6. Toronto Blue Jays: 13.76 (5.51 %)
7. New York Mets: 14.3 (5.3 %)
8. Texas Rangers: 14.34 (5.29 %)
9. San Diego Padres: 17.96 (4.22 %)
10. Milwaukee Brewers: 22.31 (3.4 %)
11. Minnesota Twins: 27.08 (2.8 %)
12. Baltimore Orioles: 30.88 (2.46 %)
13. Seattle Mariners: 31.91 (2.38 %)
14. Philadelphia Phillies: 32.34 (2.34 %)
15. Los Angeles Angels: 37.02 (2.05 %)
16. St.Louis Cardinals: 40.02 (1.89 %)
17. Arizona Diamondbacks: 40.38 (1.88 %)
18. San Francisco Giants: 50.31 (1.51 %)
19. Cleveland Guardians: 70.45 (1.08 %)
20. Boston Red Sox: 71.52 (1.06 %)
21. Miami Marlins: 71.81 (1.06 %)
22. Chicago Cubs: 91.46 (0.83 %)
23. Pittsburgh Pirates: 113.64 (0.67 %)
24. Chicago White Sox: 122.12 (0.62 %)
25. Detroit Tigers: 251.18 (0.3 %)
26. Cincinnati Reds: 278.37 (0.27 %)
27. Washington Nationals: 1022.22 (0.07 %)
28. Colorado Rockies: 1059.82 (0.07 %)
29. Kansas City Royals: 1207.39 (0.06 %)
30. Oakland Athletics: 3507.8 (0.02 %)

teamdivisionrecordnowplayoffswin divisionwin league
Los Angeles DodgersNL West95-6735-2596%76%14%
Atlanta BravesNL East95-6735-2496%80%14%
Tampa Bay RaysAL East100-6242-1995%59%12%
Houston AstrosAL West94-6835-2482%52%11%
New York YankeesAL East95-6736-2585%26%11%
Texas RangersAL West93-6937-2076%41%6%
Toronto Blue JaysAL East90-7233-2762%9%5%
San Diego PadresNL West83-7927-3250%8%4%
Minnesota TwinsAL Central87-7531-2970%67%4%
New York MetsNL East84-7829-3054%11%4%
Milwaukee BrewersNL Central87-7532-2774%63%3%
Philadelphia PhilliesNL East81-8127-3234%5%2%
Arizona DiamondbacksNL West84-7835-2556%11%2%
Cleveland GuardiansAL Central81-8127-3227%24%1%
San Francisco GiantsNL West81-8129-3036%5%1%
Baltimore OriolesAL East87-7537-2241%5%1%
Boston Red SoxAL East83-7930-2821%1%1%
Los Angeles AngelsAL West82-8031-3019%4%<1%
St. Louis CardinalsNL Central77-8524-3520%10%<1%
Miami MarlinsNL East80-8232-2833%4%<1%
Seattle MarinersAL West81-8129-3013%3%<1%
Pittsburgh PiratesNL Central79-8331-2729%16%<1%
Chicago CubsNL Central76-8626-3218%10%<1%
Chicago White SoxAL Central74-8826-357%6%<1%
Cincinnati RedsNL Central70-9226-334%2%<1%
Detroit TigersAL Central71-9126-313%3%<1%
Colorado RockiesNL West67-9526-35<1%<1%<1%
Washington NationalsNL East67-9525-331%<1%<1%
Kansas City RoyalsAL Central58-10418-41<1%<1%<1%
Oakland AthleticsAL West47-11512-48<1%<1%<1%
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