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2Bangor FC29166760:362454
5H&W; Welders281441054:431146

      Promotion ~ NIFL Championship (Promotion Group: )
      NIFL Championship (Relegation Group: )

Clinched Spots for Teams
Dundela is Qualified for NIFL Championship (Promotion Group )
Ards is NIFL Championship (Relegation Group )
Dergview is NIFL Championship (Relegation Group )
Knockbreda is NIFL Championship (Relegation Group )

About Northern Irish Championship

The Northern Ireland Football Championship, also known as the NIFL Championship, is the second tier of professional football in Northern Ireland, below the Northern Ireland Premiership. The league consists of two divisions: the NIFL Championship 1 and the NIFL Championship 2.

The NIFL Championship 1 features 12 teams, while the NIFL Championship 2 has 14 teams. The teams in both divisions play each other twice, once at home and once away, for a total of 22 matches. At the end of the season, the team that finishes at the top of the NIFL Championship 1 is promoted to the Premiership, while the teams that finish in the bottom two places are relegated to the NIFL Championship 2.

The NIFL Championship is known for its competitive nature and has produced some notable players who have gone on to play in higher leagues, both domestically and internationally. It is also known for its passionate fans and strong community spirit, with many of the clubs being closely tied to their local areas.

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