About French Ligue 2

French Ligue 2 is the second division of professional football in France, ranking just below Ligue 1. The league consists of 20 teams, with promotion and relegation between Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 based on the final league standings at the end of each season.

The Ligue 2 season typically runs from August to May, with each team playing a total of 38 matches - twice against every other team in the league. The top two teams in the league table at the end of the season are automatically promoted to Ligue 1, while the third promotion spot is determined through a playoff involving the teams that finish in third through sixth place.

The bottom two teams in the league table at the end of the season are automatically relegated to the third division, known as National. The teams that finish in 18th and 19th place enter a playoff with the third and fourth-placed teams from National to determine which two teams will play in Ligue 2 the following season.

Ligue 2 is known for featuring competitive matches and up-and-coming talent, as well as experienced players looking for an opportunity to play at a high level. Some notable players who have played in Ligue 2 include Kylian Mbappé, Riyad Mahrez, and Jamie Vardy, among others.

Overall, Ligue 2 is an important part of French football and provides an exciting and competitive environment for teams and players looking to progress to the highest levels of the sport.


1Le Havre371915345:1972
8Paris FC3714101344:4352
10St Etienne3714111261:5750
11Quevilly Rouen3712131244:4649
15Pau FC3711111539:5244
19Nimes  ✔ 37962241:6133
20Niort  ✔ 37772332:6428

      Promotion ~ Ligue 1
      Relegation ~ National

Clinched Spots for Teams
Nimes  is Relegated to National
Niort  is Relegated to National

1. Le Havre: 1.2 (77.08 %)
2. Metz: 5.89 (15.65 %)
3. Bordeaux: 12.67 (7.27 %)

teampositionproject pointsnowrelegatedpromotedwin league
Le Havre1 (85.32%)74720%96%85%
Metz2 (61.91%)71690%76%12%
Bordeaux3 (69.45%)71690%37%3%
Caen4 (53.45%)61590%3%0%
Bastia5 (53.45%)61600%2%0%
Saint-Étienne6 (62.4%)55530%0%0%
Paris FC9 (33.22%)54520%0%0%
Guingamp7 (24.91%)53520%0%0%
Sochaux9 (31.6%)53520%0%0%
Grenoble10 (38.74%)52510%0%0%
Quevilly11 (57.57%)50490%0%0%
Amiens12 (57.85%)48470%0%0%
Valenciennes14 (30.52%)46451%0%0%
Annecy15 (27.07%)46453%0%0%
Pau16 (29.17%)454419%0%0%
Rodez17 (35.44%)444355%0%0%
Laval17 (26.29%)444347%0%0%
Dijon18 (56.97%)434275%0%0%
Nîmes19 (100%)3433100%0%0%
Niort20 (100%)2928100%0%0%
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