About Swedish Elitserien Bandy

Swedish Elitserien Bandy, also known as the Swedish Bandy League, is the top professional bandy league in Sweden. Bandy is a sport that is similar to ice hockey, but is played on a larger rink with a ball instead of a puck. The league was founded in 2007 and is currently composed of 14 teams.

The season typically runs from October to March, with each team playing 26 regular season games. The top eight teams at the end of the regular season qualify for the playoffs, which are played in a knockout format.

Bandy has a long history in Sweden, with the first bandy club founded in 1895. The sport is particularly popular in Sweden and Russia, and the Swedish national team has won several World Championships.

In addition to the Elitserien, there are several lower divisions in Swedish bandy, including Allsvenskan (the second tier), Division 1, and Division 2. Many of the top players in Swedish bandy also compete in other European leagues, as well as in Russia's top league, the Russian Bandy Super League.


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